Forsyth County Republican Party Committees

The following Committees have been deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Forsyth County Republican Party. They are subject to the advice and consent of the Forsyth County Republican Party Executive Committee. The Chair and Vice Chair are ad hoc members of all the committees.


Technology / Communications

This committee maintains the FCGOP website, social media presence, online donation platforms, voice/internet solutions for the FCGOP headquarters, and email/SMS solutions, unified party communications to the public at large, as well as production and distribution of an email newsletter. 

Precinct Organization Committee

This committee locates, recruits, trains, and organizes volunteers, within precincts, to lead the "Get Out the Vote" effort within each precinct during an election year.  

Community Engagement

This committee communicates the conservative message to groups outside the GOP's traditional base of supporters by connecting with them in a non-political manner. 

Election Integrity Committee 

This committee focuses specifically on the local and state Board of Elections to assure compliance with election laws and help maintain the security and integrity of elections.

Voter Registration Committee

This committee helps to grow the number of registered Republicans throughout the county by identifying opportunities and locations to register voters and organizing voter registration drives.

Local Government Watch Committee

This committee organizes individuals to attend and monitor local government meetings, such as the school board, the city council, the county commissioners, and the local board of elections. They are also responsible for establishing a working relationship with the republican members of our county local government boards. 

Liaisons to Elected Officials

This committee is responsible for communicating with Republican municipal elected officials in order to provide assistance and to assure them of our support and desire to have them participate in the activities of the FCGOP Executive Committee.   

FCGOP Hispanic Coalition

This committee develops support within the Hispanic community, in Forsyth County, for republican elected officials, candidates, and the county party. 

Precinct Events Organizer

This committee organizes events and activities for precinct organizations, throughout the county, to help precinct organizations build stronger teams and connect with voters within their precincts.