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Kenneth Raymond

Chairman Kenneth Raymond

Random Mask Rules Are Applied Randomly

I’ve been waiting to hear the wisdom of our city council members regarding how they’d apply the mask mandate to the Carolina Classic Fair. And now we have it, masks are to be worn outdoors as well as indoors.

We all know there’s going to be a lot unhealthy, yet delightful, food prepared and sold at the fair. Does anyone think that the mask will stay on when someone buys a double-glazed donut burger with extra ketchup? Will the masks stay on after someone is served a jumbo turkey drumstick with hot sauce and potato wedges?

Some of the most popular food at the fair are very messy and very sticky. The masks will likely be used as napkins rather than protection from Covid-19. And they may as well be used that way, when you consider lack of science applied to our City Hall’s mask mandate.

I’m sure everyone in Forsyth County has noticed, by now, that while the City’s buildings are closed to the public, the County Buildings are open for business. The public can’t walk into the Winston-Salem Police Department on Cherry Street, but they can walk into the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department.

What kind of science concludes that we must close the city offices, but the county offices can remain open? The answer is obvious—political science.  The same science applied to the Emmy Awards, last weekend, where celebrities, Hollywood elites, and entertainment professionals spent the entire evening without masks. And yet the event staffers, workers, and servers had to wear masks. The same science that says its safe for thousands of illegal immigrants to come across the border unmasked, untested, and unvaccinated. The same science that also exempts Afghan refugees.

And the same science that requires federal employees, contractors, and private employers with more than 100 workers to mandate vaccinations or weekly testing for Covid-19, but exempts members of Congress, federal judges, and their staffers.

When mask mandates and vaccinations are being prescribed and randomly applied by politicians, including our local politicians…it’s time to say, NO!

And when government officials demand the public to be vaccinated and they don’t have to be, or they demand the public to wear masks, but they don’t have to, they are clearly creating an outward distinction between themselves and everyone else. A distinction that identifies who is, and who is not, a second-class citizen.

What else are we to think? When businesses refuse to provide service to you because you’re not wearing a mask or you don’t have your vaccine passport, you are a second-class citizen.

I’ve never been a second-class citizen and I’m not going to start now. And I strongly encourage all of you to make the same choice. Enjoy your donut burgers, and refuse second-class citizenship!



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Harold_Eustache.jpgVice-chairman Harold Eustache

Thank you to everyone, including our Chairman Ken Raymond, who showed up to the special meeting of the Forsyth County School Board to advocate making masks optional in our schools.

There are some important meetings coming up to note that we need your help with.

  • The Forsyth County Board of Elections is having an August 17th meeting @5:00 at the Forsyth County Government Center in which they will be appointing precinct judges. This is an extremely important event as these judges are paid appointments and have significant influence in voting procedures. We would like to ensure that there is partisan parody in these appointments and Republicans are represented throughout the County.
  • Also, The Forsyth County Board of Elections will have a regular meeting on August 26th @ 5:00pm.
  • The WS/FC School Board will meet on August 24th @6:30 for a general meeting. This is the first meeting after school begins. Public comments will be allowed at this meeting so let's show up and have our voices heard again. Special Thanks to School Board Members - Dana Caudill-Jones, Leah Crowley, and Lida Calvert-Hayes for voting AGAINST a mask mandate for our students!

Chairman Finance Committee, Ven Challa, MD

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