NC GOP Press Release: Cooper’s Decision To Punt On School Reopening Leaves Millions of North Carolina Families in the Dark

NC GOP Press Release: Cooper’s Decision To Punt On School Reopening Leaves Millions of North Carolina Families in the Dark

July 6, 2020
For Immediate Release

Raleigh NC-  Instead of providing the guidance parents and teachers need to plan in order to return to school this fall, Governor Roy Cooper punted on making a decision leaving millions of teachers, parents and students in limbo.  

This delay comes after the first iteration of Cooper's school reopening plan set off alarm bells across the state on every level of the education system and ran counter to the guidance released by the American Academy of Pediatrics this week. Their guidance for reopening schools clearly states that students should attend classes in person as schools are unlikely to amplify COVID outbreaks. In response to to Cooper’s original school plan, North Carolina Republican leaders publicly highlighted how Cooper’s plan is unworkable and does not match with pediatric experts. After receiving substantial criticism from Republicans, experts and education leaders, Cooper simply punted and again is failing to lead on an issue important to the people of North Carolina.

"North Carolina families need to know if their kids will be in school next month. Unfortunately, despite being Gov  Cooper’s self-proclaimed top priority, he still cannot deliver a plan for reopening our schools," said NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley. "Cooper's failure of leadership highlights the wisdom of local control instead of statewide micromanagement. Unlike Cooper, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest understands how important this issue is to families across the state and is pushing to give parents certainty going into the school year."

The contrast between Conservatives and Liberals could not be more apparent than when it comes to school reopening. Republicans believe that parents should be able to choose the best education for their children while Democrats believe they know what is best for someone else's child. For instance, in the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Republican Nominee Catherine Truitt proposed a plan that empowers local officials, gives parents a voice, and provides hope for children. While on the Democrat side, their nominee simply does whatever the teacher union bosses want her to do. 

When it comes to school reopening, the contrast is bright. Republicans want to reopen schools safely and do what is best for North Carolina families. Democrats will keep letting teacher union bosses dictate their policy, which is best for the politically connected union bosses but terrible for North Carolina students, parents and teachers. 

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