Chairman's Corner

Kenneth Raymond

Kenneth RaymondThis last month has been fast and furious.  We have been looking at every aspect of the Party here in Forsyth County.  It is a massive undertaking, and we are investing the time to make sure we do things correctly and are making the local Party sustainable for years to come. If you are chomping at the bit to get involved just wait a little longer as there will be lots of exciting announcements soon. 

One little sneak peek - we hope that we will be able to announce a major restructuring of precinct organizations in the coming weeks.  We are not changing the duties or responsibilities of Precinct Chairs, however, we are creating a new structure.  This will allow for more interactions between Precinct Chairs and smaller groups to facilitate training.  To date, we have held two GOP Data Center training sessions and will be beginning our Precinct Organization Training including a revised precinct manual.  So, stay tuned.  Exciting and new things are coming.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any comments and/or concerns.


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